An Inquiry about Time


A - Awful doubts... (L'ombre d'un doute)
1. Is there for you any convincing proof that time really exists ?
subjectively it does - no doubt about

2. Couldn't it be possible that all our movements are not real and that all appearances are just a sort of holographic hallucination ?

it would make no difference whatsoever. to me the question is completely pointless. acting under false pretences may be still acting to the best of current knowledge. that suffices.

3. Does any object, which has never been observed, but which is existing nevertheless, possess any temporal and spatial existence ?

whatever quantum mechanics may suggest about the effects of observation, it has very limited impact on my daily life. but the law has introduced 'voyeurism' as another gag to choke (and arouse) curiosity and to pay a tribute to quantum mechanics.

B - Approaching Time

1. What is Time to you - is it a friend or an enemy ?

time is a companion you can hardly get rid of. so better befriend ;-)

2. Is Time something rather positive, negative or indifferent to you and why ?

time depends. it stretches and contracts according to the attention you pay to the very moment. you can make it breathe...

3. If you were given a machine allowing traveling in Time, where would you travel and why?

3.a. into the past ?

3.b. into the future ?

as both are essentially unknown to me (because i do not believe), it would depend on my current mood. until that point, a journey into the real here and now still may be the most exciting and unusual adventure of them all

C - Looking for the limits of Time

1. Could Time be limited by something ?

1.a. If yes please indicate by what and under which circumstances

2.b. If not, why not ?

your personal time sure is limited. in order to overcome that limit, you have to dive deeply INTO it. see my previous answer...

2. Are there any means to stop Time ?

2.a If yes, which ones ?

let it unfold

3. What is the contrary of Time ?
what is the contrary of the sun?

4. What is the biggest enemy of Time and why ?

does the sky have enemies? the only enemies i know of are the enemies of a FREE sky. same with time ...

5. How do you interpret the meaning of the word "timeless" ?

concerning whatever when time does not matter

D - Parsing Time - Past, Present, Future

1. What does the present mean to you ?


2. Where does the future start ?

3. Where does the past end ?

4. Explain the role of past, present and future within Time.

4.a. Do they play an equal roles ?

4.b. If not, which of them is the most important ?

both 'ends' are all purely fictional 'ends' of a continuum

5. Which statements can you make about past and future ?

in the future the present is past as in the past the present was future. sorry for appearing triviual...

6. What are the most important meanings attached to past present and future?

practical issues of pleasure and lust vs. suffering and pain

E - Shaping and Structuring Time

1. What is for you the most important characteristic of Time ?

that my perception of it can be shaped by myself

2. What makes you recognize or realize the existence or the passing of time ?
the colour of my beard

3. Do you think Time has any direction ?

4. Does an _expression like "the arrow of time" mean anything to you ?

i like groucho marx's "time flies like arrows - fruit flies like bananas"

5. To which aspects of Time are you the most sensitive ? Please explain when, how, and why.

5.a - rythm ?

5.b - instants ?

5.c - events ?

5.d - encounters ?

5.e - choices and decisions ?

5.f - irreversibility ?

5.g - newness and evolution ?

5.h - continuity and duration ?

5.i - decay ?

5.j - the coming of death ?

5.k - other

i won't tell

6. Do you feel Time to be more like

6.a - a straight or curved infinite line ?

6.b - a closed line, like for instance a circle ?

6.c - a spiral ?

6.d - a forest of frequencies ?

6.e - an ever forking shape, like for instance a tree ?

6.f - a piling of geological layers ?

6.g - accumulated dust under your bed ?

6.h - dirty plates in the corner of your sink ?

6.i - other

a mis-taken continuum

F - Measuring Time
1. What is the meaning of the clock as regards the conception of time ?
tic - tac

2. If there were no more clocks, would it still be possible to mesure time nevertheless ?

2.a. If yes, in which way ?

and more importantly, why?

3. Are you aware of special or rare means of measuring time ?
the quantum of happiness

3.a. Which one(s) would you recommand or like to use yourself ?
the abovesaid

G - Digging into common expressions

1. What does the sentence "I am wasting my time" mean to you ?


2. What are you thinking about the term "timebomb" ?

3. How can you disprove the best the following sentence : "Time is money" ?

it is not necessary to disprove it for me or like minded friends.

it is, however, virtually impossible to disprove it to believers...

4. Could you make a list of strange time related expressions in your mother language ?

i am, though, not a listy person

5. Can you provide explanations about these expressions ?
maybe i could

6. Are such expressions of any help as regards building your own concept of Time ?

as helpful as 'wenn der hahn kr�ht auf dem mist, �ndert sich das wetter oder es bleibt wie es ist'.

H - Psychological and sociological aspects

1. Where is the place of the subject within Time ?

i do not understand the question

2. What can you tell about differences regarding the meaning of Time within different cultures ?

yes. those completely gone apeshit hack it down to tinier and ever so tinier fractions. those with a rest of sanity don't. they are almost extinct, though...

3. Where are the positive and/or negative aspects within these differences ?
see above

4. Do you think animals have a comprehension of Time ?

4.a. If yes, how does it look like ?

4.b. If not, why not ?

what are animals? them 'mericans do not count bugs among animals. they even separate them from birds. i am convinced the perception varies more than it has in common.

I - The Time of waste

1. What percentage of your Time do you think you are usually wasting ?

none. i live. if others believe i waste a moment, i am sure i spent it worthwhile !

2. What sort of means do you use to waste your Time ?

3. What are the most frequent rationale you use as a pretext for wasting your Time ?

i give a shit about what others think about my time and go my own ways. no lame excuses needed...

J - The Time of creativity

1. Does your perception of Time change when you are creative ?

If yes, in which way ? Can you explain ?

it changes constantly. i have gained the awareness of such basics long ago (and never let go again)

2. How do you feel about the following :

"When hanging yourself to the tail of the calendar, you are not likely to reach the edge of time You'd rather climb on the shoulders of the instants" - Narayana Reddy

2.a. As a poet ?

2.b As an artist ?

trivial; true but trivial... (a & b)

3. How are choices and decisions happening in your creative work ?
in due time ;-)

4. What sort of influence do you have on such decision ?

due time is when i let go

K - The Time of dreams

1. Would you agree with the statement that "there is no Time in dreams" ?

sort of. at least when compared to how most people live through their daily life.

2. Is Time transformed or altered in some way while you are dreaming ?

2.a. If yes, when and how ?

2.b.What would be your explanation ?

yes. it can be more experienced as the continuum it rather is

3. Is the sequence of events preserved in your dreams ?

the dreamer creates the sequence, if the dreamer is limited to sequential perception

4. Did you ever experience a reversed sequence of Time while dreaming ?
odd. nah !

5. Did you ever experience Time traveling while dreaming ?

in what sense ? like in scifi ? nah !

L - The Time of Love

1. Does your perception of Time change when you are in love ? Can you explain ?

yes. to me love is 'amour fou'. how do mad people perceive time? same thing !

2. Is there any relationship between your perception of Time while you are engaged in your prefered creative activities and your feeling of time when you are in love ?

3. Does your perception of Time change when you are making love ?

Do you prefer to make love quickly or slowly or extremely slowly ?

When, how and why ?

try me !

4. Does your perception of Time change during an orgasm ?

if there is a perception of time, then there is no orgasm. orgasm is the only naturally available genuine state of being - as far as the euro-'merican 'way of life' is concerned. it provides a very precious moment when the poor animal 'h.s.' is relieved from all wishes and needs, and the truly marvellous can be per/re - ceived.

M - Knowledge and Time

1. Can you explain what are the relationships between Time and Knowledge ?
to know is to disbelieve

2. Which <Token> come spontaneously to your mind when you are thinking about Time ?

Please replace <Token> by :

2.a. artists

2.b. poets

2.c. litterature and film authors

2.d. technologies

2.e. scientists

2.f. other


N - Time & Newness

1. Do you think anything new appeared/emerged since the beginning of the past century ?

1.a. if yes then what ?

1.b. if not, then why and how ?

even more misbeliefs evolved (or rather: were created)

2.Which recent or less recent events, trends, activities, conclusions, etc... appear new to you ?
see above

3. Do you think the world is

3.a. determinist ?

3.b. random ?

3.c. both depending on the considered aspects ?

3.d. a graduation between pure determinism and pure chance ?

3.e. not according to such categorizations that only reflect our mind's way of working and have no real meaning as regards the nature of the world itself ?

definitely 3.e

4. Can you explain what are the relationships between Time and Newness ?

4.a. How do you explain that something new may appear ?

4.b. Do you think chance plays a role in the emergence of newness and how ?

perception. newness is a fiction. it is as relative as can be.