Lucid dreaming

Blue mists slowly come down the tree A snake begins to sing - it pops up among the greenish leaves - The mist embraces it and swallows it

I am waiting for the day when the sun makes love with the moon
I am beginning to understand this desire that comes out of my throat
which leads me in the past and in the future at the same time
When caressing myself, I am everything at the same time

Time brakes
Time moans
Time gets out of my pocket...

I am everywhere...
The hours get closer to tomorrow
as the evening gets closer to the night
What a mess !
I come back
I come back to the future. Here I am
All what is left of present is the tail of movement twisted as a liana

I want
I shall want
I want to want

In the foam of your thoughts, I coil
- your dreams push me towards dawn -
And slowly... slowly the red dusk embraces me