starting with...
- the totally absent sort of kisses you give
looking entirely to someone else
and without ceasing the slightest
to participate
into any possibly on going conversation...

passing through...
- the heavily decision-loaded kisses
telling that it's definitely time to go
when seen from far
make witnesses fear
that some skulls might get broken in the process
and through...
- the warm, long and honestly desperate embrace
you give half laughing half weeping
to the ones you love and do not see very often
which is a total disaster and waste,
but work is work
and business is business

and through...
- the soft, caring and grateful kisses...
Once on each cheek only
only once, but
lasting just half of a half of a second more than necessary
that you give with a sunny-rainy smile
with a hint of humour and a hint of seriousness
half a glass of respect and half a glass of tenderness
and - yes - even with something like a deep bow
to another soul
with whom you happen to share once in a while
transparencies and reflections
glitters of sensibility
gleamings of sensitivity

falling stars in the gloaming
for the sake of wonders yet to build
for the sake of strange and yet unseen shapes

soft, caring and grateful kisses
that liners exchange with each other in the open sea
when passengers on one ship wawe their hands
to passengers on the other ship
and the other way around
Proud prows - swinging bows of dolphins - splitting the sea
Although one ship goes from Dakar to Surabaya
and the other from Manaus to Shanghai
as they are both valiant ships
with all their flags and banners and all...


reaching to...
- the unfair and guiltless, but complete...
social betrayal,
of kisses
that do their uttermost to look social
from an outsider's point of view
but kisses
that actually say both sides:
"if all these people were not around,
we know
we would know
much much better"

or even...
- the totally anti-social sort of kisses...
the kind of kisses
that do not even care about looking social at all
although they might possibly still look somewhat social however
when seen from very very far
without a telescope,
by a very shortsighted person
the kind of kisses
that say without a hint of ambiguity:
"the next time we fall upon a bed
we also both fall into it,
and we don't get out of there
before one or two weeks
- as a start !
And yet,
only to make some tea or some coffee
and to get some "croissants", some "baguette"
some butter, some orange marmelade, some chocolate,
this possibly once every three days worst case
... if we really would happen to get too hungry..."