Dramatic moments

The dramatic moment when, in the course in pursuit of the idealization of the chance meeting of objects; the posit of a situation that has presented itself might be more or less profound. Nevertheless, it is this chance occurrence brought together in an abreactive manner that holds possibilities that might not have had the opportunity to have been introduced otherwise left to their own devices. It is, in fact, the re-introduction of the shoe, the rose, the string of pearls, for example, which when brought into a scenario, become something other than a shoe, rose, or pearls.

One evening while walking to my studio, I happened upon the scene of what must have been a very dramatically tragic accident. What was left were remnants of a horrible instantaneous calamity; broken glass and automobile parts. I found, also, a child's dress-up shoe, a broken plastic flower, some pearls, a spoon, among other things, and noticed some red-brown soaked stains in the pavement and cement... blood.

Taking some fragments I began to re-assemble them with other found objects in my possession, without any preconcieved notion of their relationships, using a Polaroid camera as the medium for the play-acts in this series of "Polaroids".

Richard Genovese (1988)