Joe Pulver - A dedication to Jean Benoît

© Photo by Zazie


they made him from bricks

his sandals

his cloak

his open mouth

rushing with storytellers hard as closer

a bird sat on his shoulder

wings spread like a mighty cross

many where the masked round faces

that hid in the clouds his hands waved away

in the space he created

he mixed passion with eternity

then he howled

until his desire gleamed

bright as the sun in a fit of anger

a webbed-winged bird large as the sabbath

and a butterfly appeared

on wet red ground they mated

when the dance of desire was complete

the bird ate the butterfly

then rubbed an egg from under its wing

inside was a brick

it rose on two totem legs

spread its flame-thorned wings

and opened its mouth

I will not be defeated he said

"after Jean Benoît"

biosphere / deathprod les fleurs du mal

© Joe Pulver