Something for Zazie

all the boxes out of the closet sat here a good part of the day smoked lullaby of the leaves repeated for hours didn’t see a donkey or an ant saw a lot of sky saw the trees burn for the girls (who didn’t show) counted stains til the weatherman came collecting (I gave him 2 comas and my old watch battery) heard the astronomy of the glassblowers just as thrilling(and fleeting) as the string in the blue man in the star’s beard heard the rattle of the dogs as they tuned the streetlamps on Desolation Row to dimmer heard mama said repeated all I could do was turn my collar up heard the insects coming but I couldn’t turn the river from the beginning it was attempting to cut played skill with the future she had nice breasts and laughed better than the wooden indian down at Red’s Get A Coastline With Yer Name On It but I couldn’t deal with her frogs drank tea drank tea drank tea smoked while the sun frosted away drank tea clipped a close up from the coloring book but they have laws against sneak peeks here passed my crayons to a cloud (out for free time after losing 2 planets) who had insulated pockets he began to cry when the crayons melted would have touched Marianne but wind(untitled and refusing to fade) said sorry no details

saw a yellow cat with a cedar box gave him 5 bucks to go grocery shopping

wandering wave he is (in this sunlight has to be I guess) he never came back would have enjoyed thecantaloupe maybe tomorrow

saw a small world(really quite mum and full of death since leaving the ranch) in the grass thought of going dancing but the crows had the 8th floor blocked(for the 3rd time this week) had some peanut butter would have taken a gun to the voices(burnt slow) but they held their droplets when they saw I had enough bullets to go round (Thanks, Duke) smoked had tea (green this time – buzzed up the snoot like it was goin’ steady) did not sit on the bottom step of the guillotine this time(Mayor’s on a binge chopping up smokers – you would have thought last week’s regulation where all girls in children’s books may not show exposed knees would have covered his gubernatorial aspirations but hey They of the Small Houses keep saying you can’t fight city hall) saw a blimp in the mirror counted all my boxes(of months & moths) lined them up right & true

3 times

no trick 3 times

still somehow I missed godot

copyright 2010 Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.