Inspired by "Infiltration"

You stare back at me

All of you

through flames, smoke,

and madness

casting out your power

like a lure

caught and falling

into the whirl

I dwell among you

and pry your secrets from

your damned souls

Now I stare back at you

All of you

through flames, smoke

and madness

casting out my power

like a net

Geometry of Night

Shadows cutting


Geometry of Night

slipstream reality


Flesh of the Nexus

Cold water beads

of mystery

shine bright with desire

on the flesh of the nexus

one minute in stasis

a lifetime

to fly

future, sometime

Sometime in the future

i shall uncover my soul

and it will grow

before my eyes

it will encompass the heavens

and enfold the sky

Sometime in the future

The Madness

The madness came in a singular moment and never left

the voices sing songs of life and joy

while I mumble on with the rest

what ho! doth I speak of

laughter and mirth

while my form lies captured

by this unique earth

mystical mornings of mist cover'd ground

singing songs of silence

acompanied by the souless hound

Tis but just a singular moment that never left

this madness that I speak of

that some have never met

lies fall.... like sand

silence sufficates

child of cleansing

inside sleeping

my lord returns

you know that you

try to guide him

show that you have spared

what you


lies fall

like sand

torn away your thoughts

hidden moments of

no one

I expect these

nights of desire

you feel inside

Save someone

shine on your door

find the meaning

that you left behind

on a silent


you cried

The ancient awakened. He was lonely. No other existed in the universe but himself. He looked out on the great expanse. There was nothing... forever...never...always....everthing. He fell asleep. He drempt of things he new as humans, flowers and stars, birds and insects, oceans, sky, war. He drempt of all things things and so much more. Of centuries and eons, which he knew to be time. He dremt of love and laughter of children and caring. Of all these things he dremt and so much more. Of darker things ... hate and war. He dremt of these and so much more. Of pain and pestilence and poverty and death. He dremt of these things and he wept. He awoke once again . But was lonely no longer. For dreams would be his compainions. The imitaions of mind.