Excerpts from automatic writing done today upon


Asking the mytosis claw how to erase unities of
discretion, we lure eight sound fish to decal the
water's chest. My nine mile diet cake crests over the
blue future, your milk hair pulled out.

Nothing comes from an empty gun soaked in buttery
foosteps, the random songs of a cat's nose, on a false
morning of wet gloves.

Now is forever by a morgue sign who is speaking
to dolls on fire like a train whistle in the mail, or
the heaped glaze of confounded 'sariz,' after the kite
my legs mate to clouds. Harry the gun climbing
marionette bubbles breaking in glyph voice kiss taller
than about to melt or fly, backs made from rope's

Hold me in the swiss rain, the floors of volcano
bites over your face.

The eyes of airiums, the tigers of love bowls,
cryptic as a secret knock in the green veil of

"Assbrained jeeps Christ hollow butt tongued car
vet, who hankers for droll tunes by babied cheeks of
color cakes, never shall I expel the cortical beanie!
You are a dazed ape minnow! I am a water bottle."

But before we can unfold the donkey paper, a
nickel collector is brained by savage peas. His shoes
are a tympani of strangers where golden bricks part to
create planes.

Where are the drains helping choose wing like
burned fruit?
Whose mirror needs adjusting before I wear the
gloves to make dragons?
Who's been dismembered? I've got a river of
reasons to call you a crawler.


"Eight is made up of three threes."

3+3+3=8 }sneak tra-la
ha ha sundial

'you delete the extra one due to the fact that

3 plus '3 turned backwards' =appearance of 8

plus three = eleven

The shadow of the three makes an eight plus three
equals eleven but even though each one is deleted it
remains latent, as a hollow to tuck love morsels into
where vacuums create sound.

Hypnagogic letters ARE numbers which are verb
nouns, so tempting in their mint cocktails. The
invisible clown says bye in a long coat of straw

Drawing and text by M.K.Shibek (26.1.2002)