Hairy as the... Legomena of Lilacs

The whisper of Tokyo's snow
is white as hair and white as pride
the snow-leopard's shadows burn to the ground like the brine
in which we pickle our deep divide and freckled like a girl we watch her drown her
hair of wheels to christen the tide of gondolas where
the cherished plait that smelled of smoke divorced the vote and
played with hoodlums far and wide, the hookah's puff
like the drilling ghosts who scar and soothe your head like your mom's damp cloth
blots out the tigers from the ag├Ęd cave toothless and small at
the drop of the vanilla wand
blowing its top at the vertical mechanical hat

Oh the year of ice that left nothing but the fragrance of her auburn hair
as white and flat as an expanse
gummed up beneath the grim and cardboard sky they
ratchet up the new liveries of the pegboard, taut and old before
their vicious whim wolf-whistling with their
ragamuffin smiles and parafin hoplites dancing one-legged for
the porcupine The besides-bride miming the echoes of the hoipaloi the
steady erosion of the hula discs on the Remulakian brindle-coloured
spidery holes of jellyfish and jaguars
when the zimbabwes have been left as flat as flat-chested ash
coughing into the silo of an rheumatic ache the colour of sand:

Two Hopi martyrs curl around the mukmuk hop-
ing the loping YUL Carmack traced in Alzheimer's tea
wallopped the heartbroken heffalump staid Alabamian crud(e)
like to the double penetration (by two capes of aquamarine)
of the woolly meadows of Down syndrome where settled the panopticon
of (littered with caskets) the paralysed-by-willowy shore

Daniel C. BOYER
January 16, 2005
Dodgeville, Michigan, USA